Extreme Cold & Polar Travel Specialists


How we work

We like to keep things as simple as we can. Our approach is straightforward, to the point and our focus is to deliver the best expedition experience we can to our clients. We have travelled extensively in the Arctic & Polar Regions, so we know what to look for in an adventure; and are familiar with many of the locations you may wish to travel. Whether that is to the Geographic North Pole, 96 Magnetic North Pole, High Canadian Arctic, Scandinavian Arctic, South Pole or something new, our team (and network) have extensive knowledge and can provide our expertise in guiding, training & expedition logistics. 

Whatever your aspirations we can look at the best ways to realise them.


What do we look for in a client?

Enthusiasm, constitution and perseverence.


Expedition Training & Challenges

We have developed several cold weather expedition training packages designed to challenge & inspire relative beginners up to more seasoned adventures. These are categorised as the Polar Discovery, Polar Endurance and the Polar Endeavour. Each level increasing in difficulty & challenge. The Discovery and Endurance packages are operated within Scandinavia. The Polar Endeavour are one off challenges on an epic scale anywhere in the world that you can be part of. We are planning our first Endeavour across Lake Baikal, Siberia in 2020.



Perhaps you have a group or an upcoming expedition and have specific goals, locations or training objectives in mind. This is something we are happy to facilitate. Our team are happy to discuss the parameters and assess the feasibility/ costs for your bespoke trip. We have extensive outdoor contacts and can also be hired to consult on bespoke projects. 


Geographic North Pole &  Antarctica: Last Degrees

If you wish to traverse the dramatic sea ice of the Geographic North Pole or the seemingly endless white of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, we offer guided Last Degree trips of 1 or 2 degrees (60-120km). Also, full length expeditions to the South Pole are possible. These trips require more advanced planning than a normal expedition, this in part is due to logistical considerations, ensuring that there is enough space for people and their equipment, the costs and time commitments. Please contact us for additional information.